About Sol y Sombra Farm

Sol y Sombra Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in Boulder County that provides fresh heirloom variety organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Allison Edwards, owner and manager, runs the farm and plans each work day around the goals of the farm mission statement:

"Sol y Sombra Farm is an organic farm focusing on changing the way America eats, one human at a time."

Sol y Sombra Farm (meaning Sun and Shade in English) has a unique history. Records show the land at Sol y Sombra has been farmed since the early 1900's. The farm house was purchased in 1930 by a family of five who farmed the land and successfully supported all of the family's needs except for the purchase of flour and sugar.

Allison treasures her role in continuing the legacy of Sol y Sombra Farm today. Her passion for the farm is revealed as she describes her dedication, "We love what we do and it makes a huge difference in our approach to how we farm. We believe in good health and want to share that with the community. We take pride in the farm. It is truly an integral part of our lives."


The rich heritage lives on in the current organic farming at Sol y Sombra Farm. Part of providing for the health and biological diversity of the farm includes feeding the soil. It requires integrating composts, mulches, manures, and minerals back into the soil. Additionally, because no chemicals or pesticides are used on the produce, pest control is managed through utilization of beneficial insects and ensuring that weed control is maintained. Annual crop rotations complete the sustainable regime.


The importance of community relationships is seen through the establishment of the Sol y Sombra's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Annual memberships are available and provide weekly (seasonal) fresh produce delivered to members in Boulder County. Community Supported Agriculture programs benefit both the farmer with financial support and the community members with fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables.

When asked about the Sol y Sombra relationship with the Boulder County Farmers' Market, Allison commented, "We've been at the Farmers' Market for a few years already and really enjoy working there. It gives us a chance to visit with the people that frequent our farm stand and to get feedback." The Boulder County Farmers' Market provides community building opportunities at multiple levels.


In the spirit of advocating healthy eating habits, Allison also notes, "We, as a community, need to become more involved in the schools to teach kids what their fruits and vegetables are and where they come from."

These are important points of knowledge that many children do not understand. Education is the first step toward healthy eating habits. And Sol y Sombra's produce itself is a great example.